Greycells Wealth Advisors is founded with a vision to provide complete wealth management solutions, with professional expertise, and highest level of service standards to its clients. We advise and help people achieve their financial goals. Our clients comprises people from distinct walks of life - be it Individual Investors, Corporates, Non Resident Indians (NRI's) or High Net Worth Individuals. In order to make wise, informed and appropriate financial decisions professional advice is required. We realized the need of the hour as created by the changing environment, i.e. the common man's need for sound and unbiased investment advice. We therefore, decided to use our expertise, knowledge, years of experience and thorough understanding of personal finance to take on the cap of Personal Financial Advisory.

Why Greycells Wealth Advisors?

Like most successful people you've made smart decisions to get where you are today. Financial success has brought you many things, including the responsibility to manage it. The more wealth you have, the more time and knowledge it takes to protect it. As your wealth grows life doesn't get simpler…it becomes more complex. Our mission is to provide you with a single resource for all of your wealth management needs. At Greycells Wealth Advisors, we manage this complexity for you so you have more control over your finances and more time to enjoy your life.

About ME

Hello, my name is Sandeep Chhabraa
I am a financial planner. That's right. Just like you have had a family doctor for caring your physical health problems, as I am for resolving your financial problems. Having extensive financial knowledge, I care about people and my profession. I help people so that they could actually make money for achieving their financial dreams; even more could do important things in life. In financial market, plethora of financial products is being sold everywhere but no one is caring about the real needs that people have. I want to change that situation by doing financial planning and only offer/recommend the necessary financial products, based on what they want in their lives. My goal is not limited to Insurance Planning or Investment Planning. In fact I am trying to make your overall Financial Life better and paving financial path for you, of which you can start walking. Your overall Financial Life is a made up of different components Insurance Planning, Investment and Retirement planning, Tax advisory etc. I will thrive in to take care of all these things.